Modernisation of the Ruslan

Volga-Dnepr is implementing a modernisation programme for the AN-124-100 Ruslan aircraft, extending its flying life and increasing its operational efficiency.

64.1% Volga-Dnepr's share of the global
commercial fleet of AN-124-100 freighters

The history of Volga-Dnepr Airlines began with one An-124-100. To this day, this aircraft type forms the basis of its fleet, carrying out 60% of the Group’s charter operations.

In 2015, Volga-Dnepr acquired two more An-124-100 Ruslans, taking its total fleet of these aircraft to 12 and increasing its share of the world’s AN-124-100 commercial fleet to 64.1%.

Ruslan retrofitting must ensure its reliability and efficiency. Using advanced Russian and foreign technology, aircraft will be refined in several stages to conform to the requirements of leading members of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for noise and emissions of harmful substances, and navigation and radio communications precision.

The crew of a new modification will be reduced from six persons to three. In order to significantly reduce the paid time of a grounded aircraft, designers at Volga-Dnepr are also working on modernised loading and unloading systems. The aircraft will be refined in close cooperation with international suppliers of components and engineering services in accordance with the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Thus, the Ruslan will be able to transport both oversized and general cargo with high efficiency and lower costs until at least 2040.