Corporate University

Volga-Dnepr Group established its Corporate University, to deliver and support systematic work that prepares professional, successful employees to meet the requirements of the company, its customers, and the market.

The Corporate University includes 17 professional schools and works to implement two strategic objectives: creating the Group's Industry Knowledge Centre and implementing the Future Leaders programme approved by the Group President.

The Industry Knowledge Centre creates an environment facilitating the free exchange of knowledge within the company, and builds and maintains various channels to exchange knowledge to achieve the strategic goals of the Group.

The purpose of the Future Leaders programme is to increase the interest and motivation of employees, make them real leaders and, consequently, prepare a management reserve. Currently, this team includes 233 people.

The Corporate University of Volga-Dnepr has been operating for seven years. In 2015, it was assigned with a strategic goal for the next five years to create a centre of expertise and a team of top air cargo business experts.

Корпоративный университет
Корпоративный университет

Knowledge of the company is what remains in its office when employees go home. It is important to leave at the office the most needed and useful knowledge for future generations of employees of the company to ensure its long life. And customers of the company must be provided with the exact knowledge about us that they need. It is only by working together that we will get there!

Galina Isaikina Director of Corporate Education Department
Корпоративный университет
Корпоративный университет

More than 70% of the Group's strategic objectives are implemented with the participation of specialists trained at the Corporate University. The main training grounds of the University are in Ulyanovsk and Moscow. Training is focused on practical and strategic business challenges faced by the Group, and includes weekly trainings and workshops, business sessions and professional conferences. In 2015, 216 sessions were organised for 973 students. Over 120 qualified employees of Volga-Dnepr Group worked as lecturers.

Work to introduce a mentoring system was continued. We approved the correspondent standard, updated the list of mentors comprising 30 people, identifying students for each of them. In order to improve the efficiency of this process, the Mentoring Council started its work in Volga-Dnepr Group, and an employee responsible for mentoring appeared in each independent unit.

In 2015, work continued to form the basics of HR-analytics in the company. Thanks to the gradual automation of personnel management processes, data became more accessible and easier to work with. In 2015, the Analytics Division automated the 1-2-3 assessment process applied to all Group employees, as well as rotation and competence evaluation procedures using the 360 degrees method. During the year, 242 people, whose work is directly linked to customer service, passed through this process.

Developing the creative and professional potential of employees, in 2015, the Corporate University held two competitions: the Talent Festival which was attended by 27 people, and The Best in Profession held in 37 nominations, which brought together more than 400 participants.

We also continued long-term cooperation with universities in the Volga region, aimed at providing vocational guidance for young people and training young specialists for companies of the Group. 58 students have undergone practical training in Volga-Dnepr and 17 of them have been hired.