Scheduled Cargo Transportation

The scheduled cargo segment remains the main driver of revenue growth of Volga-Dnepr Group. It is represented by AirBridgeCargo and ATRAN. The former is the undisputed leader in the Russian aviation industry and one of the fastest growing airlines in the international market. AirBridgeCargo was among the first to start operations with the Boeing 747-8F and today its fleet includes eight modern, efficient aircraft of this type, designed to perform long-haul flights. ATRAN Airlines operates in the segment of medium-haul transportation, using Boeing 737-400F planes with medium lifting capacity.

In the market today, there is no shortage of carriers. Cargo capacity is offered by many passenger airlines but it is even more important to provide customer with specific, customised solutions. The advantages offered by AirBridgeCargo are defined by our fleet and skillfully-built route network. We operate the youngest fleet of Boeing 747 cargo planes in the industry, the volume and configuration of which allows them to serve markets with the largest traffic flows and place cargo onboard in the best possible way. The global route network of AirBridgeCargo unites major air hubs of the world in Europe, Asia and North America and enables the airline to ensure the delivery of cargoes within 48 hours, including the time required for ground handling.

Denis Ilin Executive President of AirBridgeCargo
11,592 flights in 2015
57,306 hours – total flight time for 2015
Sales volume 967.4 USD mln
Cargo turnover 4,135.2 mln tonne-kilometres
Cargoes transported 618.1 thou. tonnes
Sales volume,
USD million
Cargo turnover,
mln tonne-kilometres
Volume of cargoes transported,
thou. tonnes

AirBridgeCargo’s fleet has 17 Boeing 747 aircraft of various modifications, with an average age of less than five years.


AirBridgeCargo is a member of:
  • IATA
  • Cargo 2000
  • TAPA
  • Cool Chain Association
99.2% Punctuality of ATRAN Airlines
71% Average load factor
< 5 years the average age of the the Group's aircraft fleet
31 destinations across a route network spanning 14 countries
87% indicator of DAP quality (Delivered As Promised)
17 Modern Boeing 747 freighters