Volga-Dnepr's Global Cargo Supermarket

At the core of the Volga-Dnepr Group business model is the concept of a global cargo supermarket. This is a whole complex of services including charter and scheduled air freight, ground logistics, original engineering solutions for loading/unloading and transportation of cargo, assistance with customs clearance, insurance, etc. Altogether, they make it possible to quickly, efficiently and economically deliver any complex cargo from door-to-door, whether it consists of perishable products, a space satellite or a multi-tonne rotor for an oil and gas turbine. A customer needs only to turn to the Engineering and Logistics Centre of Volga-Dnepr Group.

Engineering and Logistics Centre

The main link of the global cargo supermarket is the Engineering and Logistics Centre which coordinates the actions of the Group’s companies to provide comprehensive cargo delivery services. Available 24/7, the engineering and Logistics Centre develops the most effective solutions for the delivery of a wide variety of cargoes. Centre staff are based at three main offices of Volga-Dnepr Group in Russia, the UK and USA. Each shipment at all stages of the planning and development of an integrated solution is assigned to an expert who is in close contact with the customer to provide the information they need, including timely updates on the transportation process.

Services of the cargo supermarket

Charter and scheduled freight transportation using the AN-124-100, IL-76TD-90VD, Boeing 747 and Boeing 737, including the following services:

  • employing multimodal transport schemes involving road, rail and water transport worldwide;
  • technical examination of cargo, consultation on possible methods of delivery, and advice on packaging and transportation starting from any stage of the cargo life cycle, including at the stage of design and production;
  • development and production of special transportation systems for a specific project;
  • planning an optimal route, from the production site to the final destination;
  • provision of ground equipment at airports of loading/unloading, ground transportation of cargo to/from the airport, including obtaining all necessary permits;
  • granting special loading/unloading equipment;
  • assistance with customs clearance, insurance and storage of goods;
  • use of smaller aircraft to optimise the cost efficiency of the service.
Experience in organising air transportation
A versatile and complementary aircraft fleet
An extensive network of routes and representative offices

Own fleet of trucks

Own insurance operator

Own technical engineering developments for unique and complex cargoes

We follow the path of industrial specialisation and enhancing our professional competencies – especially for those units that communicate directly with customers. Group employees, from top managers to all staff, are committed to finding the best logistics solutions that correspond to the high requirements of our customers. This approach underpins our work with customers in all major sectors of the world economy, including the aerospace, heavy engineering, oil and gas, and energy industries.

Tatyana Arslanova Vice President, Strategic Management and Charter Cargo Transportation, Volga-Dnepr Group